In a recent report on Floor Coverings in Australia, to stay competitive in this ever-evolving landscape, it is imperative for flooring retailers to deliver a seamless consumer experience across all channels and provide the right service and product at the same time.

(Conlumino: Market Snapshot to 2018)

Specifically, a retailer must develop an integrated strategy that aligns talent, physical space, processes, marketing and merchandising to meet consumer demands. Therefore, it has been suggested that a robust strategy must include:

    A strong vision of the experience the consumer desires across all channels.

      A nimble operating model that can adapt as the retail environment changes.

        Deep understanding of the vision to action the Omni-channel strategy through inventive digital solutions and retail technologies.

          When effectively utilised, digital enriches the in-store experience by tailoring products to consumers’ personal requirements.

          It also supports sales and enhances brand connection by creating meaningful experiences that move consumers from transacting to conversing with brands.

          As a result of the digital retail renaissance, a recent report on floor coverings said that in order for flooring retailers to survive it was imperative that they deliver a seamless consumer experience across all channels, to simultaneously provide the right service and product.

          At Choices Flooring, we’ve emerged out of this changing landscape with the introduction and development of our store evolution.

          Since its introduction in 2012, our member retailers are evolving their stores with introduction of new displays, a streamlined product approach and adoption of in-store technology.

          The in-store technology we refer to are the Inspiration Stations and the Digital Point of Sales (POS).

          The Inspiration Station has been developed to not only provide value to our consumers while supporting the sales process, but to also actively engage consumers in their journey to find the floor they’ve been searching for.

          Many of our member retailers are embracing this change, growing alongside our consumers changing lifestyles to make shopping easier and more convenient.